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204 E. Jefferson St, Monroe, NC, 28112, US

Phone: 9802256319


Legacy Movement Financial Services, LLC is a financial service practice that is founded on the principles of Excellence, Service, Integrity, Respect and Gratitude. Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Annuities, Retirement Planning, and Medicare Advantage/Supplements can be confusing. We help make it simple. As independent agents, we represent all types of Life, Health, and Medicare plans and most companies that offer them. We can help you shop for the plan that best fits you and your family’s needs.
We enjoy helping people with all their needs. We can also help you sign up for dental, vision, and hearing benefits, and see if you qualify for assistance paying for your prescriptions and Medicare Part B premium. I can even help you determine whether you’re eligible for Medicaid. It is our mission to help families secure their financial futures. We love helping people create wealth, grow wealth, and preserve wealth!! It is our sincere desire to serve you and your family.


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